Firm Profile


Blue Latitudes unites science, policy, and communications to create innovative solutions for the complex ecological challenges associated with offshore structures. 

Executive Summary

Globally, there are thousands of offshore oil and gas platforms estimated to be in place. Many of these platforms are aging, immense structures found in deep, turbulent waters, thus making their impending removal both costly and dangerous. Stakeholders will soon be faced with a difficult decision, whether to completely remove these platforms, or to provide an alternative leave-in-place option.

Blue Latitudes will provide the necessary information, regulatory compliance, market analyses and biological assessments to allow its clients to make informed decisions regarding offshore decommissioning.

Blue Latitudes offers extensive experience coordinating with federal, state, and local agencies on permitting, regulatory compliance, and impact analyses, and we regularly coordinate and negotiate with regulators on complex and high-profile projects. Our work across the globe gives us an important perspective on how to approach each new project site.

Blue Latitudes is comprised of an interdisciplinary team of marine scientists, communication specialists, and conservation biologists. Our specialized team endeavors to unite science, policy, and communication to create comprehensive, sustainable and cost-effective solutions for the issues surrounding offshore energy development and decommissioning.


Blue Latitudes is a California limited liability company (LLC), based in San Diego. Blue Latitudes is managed solely by its co-founders, Amber Jackson and Emily Callahan.