Our Services

Blue Latitudes combines our industry expertise with research-based insights and technical tools to assess offshore infrastructure on a case-by-case basis to determine the best environmental, economic, and socially responsible outcomes available for our clients.

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Design rov-based Environmental surveys 

We design marine life surveys using remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) equipped with video to evaluate ecological biodiversity and abundance on offshore infrastructure, including subsea equipment.

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marine Research & Publications

We conduct research with universities around the world, and use these connections and relationships in the academic world to strengthen our scientific understanding of the issues that face our oceans.

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mapping technologies & Fisheries analysis

We leverage our background at Google, to visually present solutions that manage conflicting interests and lessen the frequency of negative interactions between ocean stakeholders.

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Environmental impact assessments 

We develop technical environmental assessments reports and conducts field studies, as needed, to support these assessment projects.

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public outreach & communications

We relate complex scientific ideas to a broad demographic of audiences across multiple platforms, including major news outlets, social media, lectures, publications, and film.

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permitting & Regulatory compliance 

We prepare environmental documents for permit compliance. Our services are particularly valuable where independent technical support, re-analysis of existing data, or additional studies are needed. These services often  yield significant cost savings for our clients.