Underwater Hangout with Fabien Cousteau on Google+ / by Amber Jackson

Join us for an Underwater Hangout on Google+, hosted by the  Online Ocean Symposium. The event link can be found here

We will be virtually sharing our love for working underwater with Fabien Cousteau, the grandson of the revolutionary Jacques Cousteau, who has splashed down to the underwater research base Mission Aquarius. As part of +Mission 31 he and his team of aquanauts will be staying at the reef base for 31 days. 

Guests include:
Fabien Cousteau - Mission 31
Thomas Potts - Director Aquarius Reef Base
Lloyd Godson - Aquanaut/Underwater Explorer
Megan Cook - I Am Water Ocean Conservation Trust
Amber Jackson & Emily Callahan - Rigs 2 Reefs

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