Diving Platforms Elly, Ellen, and Euerka and Ship Wreck Olympic II / by Amber Jackson


8.5 miles offshore

260 - 720 feet deep

To celebrate our graduation from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, we are embarking on a novel expedition to Platforms Elly, Ellen and Euerka and ship wreck Olympic II. We are thrilled to continue Rig2Reef Exploration, armed with Scripp's spirit of exploration, as we take our first steps as independent explorers.

We have chosen to dive platforms Elly, Ellen and Euerka as they are a relevant example of functioning artificial reefs on an oil and gas platform in California. We have also chosen to include ship wreck Olympic II in our dive expedition, to gain perspective on the ecosystems that form on and around varying forms of artificial reefs.

Platform Eureka is the deepest platform in California made available to divers, sitting in 720 feet of water off the coast of Long Beach. Platforms Ellen and Elly are unique because they are a double platform, connected by an above-water bridge. Platform Ellen is a drilling platform while Platform Elly houses equipment for separating the oil, natural gas and produced water. Platform Elly also houses equipment to generate electrical power for these three platforms.

Underwater, their legs and cross breams are much like the other oil platforms we have dove on making a home to anemones, sponges, fish, crabs, scallops, starfish, mussels, nudibranchs and much more. This should make for an interesting dive expedition and we can't wait to visually document what we find! Our objective is to capture the vibrancy of the rig acting as an artificial reef with GoPro cameras. Follow us on our second Santa Barbara expedition via Instagram!