Diving Platforms A & C / by Amber Jackson


Platforms A & C 

5.8 miles offshore 

188 feet deep

On April 30th we are headed back to Santa Barbara to dive two more of the Oil and Gas Platforms visible from the coastline. We, along with Scott Clark and DJ MacAskill of the UCSB dive team, have chosen to dive platforms A & C, as they are both relevant example of a functioning artificial reef on an oil and gas platform in California.  We are thrilled to have a second opportunity to dive on these unique and flourishing ecosystems!

It is interesting to note that Platform A is the site of infamous 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara. The environmental effects of the spill were immediate and dramatic. Not only effecting marine life, birds and the environment, but also destroying any trust previously established between offshore oil and gas development and California residents. Naturally occurring tar balls that wash up on Santa Barbara beaches, are reminiscent of this spill and are often mistaken as remnants of that terrible event.

Now, over 50 years later, we plan to dive platform A in order to document and reveal the vibrant ecosystem that has formed on and around this structure. A comeback story, of sorts. This should make for an interesting dive and we can't wait to visually document what we find! Our objective is to capture the vibrancy of the rig acting as an artificial reef with GoPro cameras. Follow us on our second Santa Barbara expedition via Instagram!