Shark Sightings in La Jolla Cove / by Amber Jackson

Rig2Reef Explorers started off our week with a splash into the kelp forest at La Jolla Cove, CA. Our mission was clear: find and film a broadnose sevengill shark. 

Recognizable by its seven gill slits (most sharks have only five), this shark has a large, thick body, with a broad head and blunt snout. The body and fins are covered in a scattering of small black & white spots. An opportunistic predator, the broadnose sevengill preys on a wide variety of animals. It has been known to feed on sharks, rays, cetaceans, pinnipeds, and bony fishes.

In March of 2013, sevengill sharks began to congregate densely in the kelp forest surrounding La Jolla Cove. Divers reported seeing large numbers of sevengill sharks, both male and female, with odd scarring along their faces and bodies. Some divers believe the sharks were mating in the area, citing the large amount of scarring visible on the sharks.

Experts are still unsure as to why the sevengill sharks congregated so heavily during March of 2013 last year, and it remains to be seen whether or not 2014 will continue to bring more sharks to the area. However, after our last dive, we think the sevengills are back for another season!

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